Scrollio - An easy and stress-free way to add infinite scroll to your Shopify store.

The app will load content automatically as you scroll down on a collection page, search page or any other pages.

You can also add a “Load More” button to load more products which is completely customizable.

The endless scroll feature helps to retain customer attention when they are your store and improves the user experience by making browsing pages easier.

Scrolling is easier for users than clicking (and then scrolling again) and requires less action.

From the 1 click setup, to the simple custom button picker

Scrollio is an extremely simple and powerful way to setup infinite scroll on your Shopify store.

  1. No Coding Required
  2. 24/7 USA Based Priority Support (we spend $1000s solving niche store problems)
  3. Infinite Scroll
  4. Fully customizable load more button

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Yes, we are completely free to install. If you install today you get it free for life!

Not to worry as a free app we are hugely popular and this simply happens on the odd chance the server gets two requests at the same time.

Simply refresh the page and it will work. (You might need to try a few times).

No, you don’t need to learn any coding. Just install and Enable.

Yes, it works with all the themes.

Scrollio does leave a small amount of residual code. This code is very small and does not load any scripts, so it will not compromise your website’s loading speeds.

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