Delivery Estimation

Our app automatically displays estimated delivery dates to your customers. Build trust, get more sales and avoid complaints with this incredible widget.

  • Include whether or not you have a faster shipping option
  • Add your processing time
  • Add estimated delivery time for different locations
  • Enjoy beginner-friendly settings
  • Show delivery-arrival widget on product pages
  • Customize the look of the widget with a few clicks.


  1. Apply The Widget To Products Or Collections Using Templates
  2. Easy Setup & Installation (No Code Required)
  3. Customize The Widget Language & Colors
  4. Set Different Delivery Ranges By Country
  5. 24/7 US Based Customer Support

Delivery Estimation How To Guides


Do not worry! Sometimes Shopify product page edit has bugs – if you save your settings you should see the widget load on your live product page.

Yes, we are completely free to install. If you need to add the widget to collections or more than 10 products, there are paid tiers that will help.

Yes it works with all themes