Fontio How To Guides


Yes, we are completely free to install. You just pay $4.99 one time to access premium features (custom fonts).

No, you don’t need to learn any coding. It’s super easy to change your fonts.

No, we don’t ask for any hidden charges at all. You only pay $4.99 one time to access premium features.

Yes, we support google fonts. You can use google fonts completely free.

Yes, it works with all the themes.

Yes, we do offer discounts. Just ping us at

Yes, you can add custom elements via our picker. Let us know if you have any issues with picker.

Fontio does leave a small amount of residual code. This code is very small and does not load any scripts, so it will not compromise your website’s loading speeds. If you’d like to remove it anyways, scroll up for the guide.

Contact us at