Troubleshooting Fontio settings not applying

Step 1: Go to Settings, then Sales channels, then Online Store, then Themes and Customize

Log in your store with the store owner’s account, then go to the Settings  field in the bottom right. In Settings, visit Sales channels then click on Online Storethen click on Themesand finally Customize

Step 2: Open up the "Edit Code" Screen

We’ll be adding a few files and a snippet of code so from the customize screen click the three dots on the top left and they click Edit Code

Step 3: Add the Fontio snippets to theme.liquid

The first edit we need to make is checking if the fontio tags are in the theme.liquid file and to add them if not. They will appear immediately preceeding the closing head tag. So to save time search for to /head in the file theme.liquid. As shown in the video, if the following snippet isn’t there we need to add it.

{% include ‘fontiocustom’ %}{% include ‘fontiobasic’ %}

should be to the left of the closing tag.

If you copied and pasted it the likely did not paste properly, so replace the apostrophes in the tags.

Click Save.

Step 4: Add the Fontio basic & custom files to snippets

Scroll down to the Snippets section in the code and look for two files named fontiobasic.liquid and fontiocustom.liquid (the files are in alphabetical order). If they are not there, click Add a new snippet. You can simply paste in the file names to create them so create two files here and simply call them fontiobasic and fontiocustom. The work is done!

Step 5: Reapply fonts in Fontio settings

You have now fixed the code part! What we need to do is head back to the Fontio dashboard and reapply the settings to the tags. Open up Fontio, select the relevant tags and apply the right fonts.

Step 6: Review changes on your site

Now, you have successfully applied a font to a tag it should show up in 2 places:


  1. On the front end of your live site
  2. In your theme editor

NOTE: Fontio will not add fonts to the topography section of your site settings.

Step 7: Relax

You did it! Great Job!

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