Best Etsy Reddit Threads

The Etsy community on reddit has been known for its active and engaged members.

This group of people use the forum to share tips and tricks about the site, ask questions about how to make money from Etsy or what other people are selling, or just chat with each other about what they’re making at the moment.

That said, Reddit threads can turn negative, there’s thousands of them and some give conflicting advice. Here we have curated some of the best Etsy Reddit Threads.

“11 Years on Etsy And a Smack in the Face. It’s all over.”

“This is mostly a rant/vent. I don’t think there is anything more I can do at this point. I’m just equal parts pissed and heartbroken and know that there are folks on here who probably understand.

About 2 months ago, my Etsy shop/account that I have had since 2009 was suspended without warning for an IP infringement. I was very confused and thought that it had to be a mistake. I make hand-wood-burned wedding guestbooks/plaques and have always used my own illustrations. Most of my items are made-to-order and I have a few in my shop that I have literally been making for people all 11 years of business.”


“Etsy is turning into amazon and I’m mad about it.”

“I’m a buyer not a seller. I’ve been using Etsy for years as a go to for gifts, often getting things custom made.

Covid happened and I went to Etsy to buy masks so I could support small businesses. All is good. Then for some self care I find a cute little shop and stock up on nail wraps (which completely destroyed my nails.) I later got a Facebook ad for a company selling the exact same wraps, so I message the Etsy seller asking if she’s associated with them.

She says they use the same manufacturer who “helps with her designs.” I then find the same wraps on ali express.”


“This buyer understands that we are in a pandemic. I look at this review every time I get a Karen in my messages to feel better. (Don’t worry I resent their item with a different shipping method and they’re receiving it tomorrow)”

“I sadly didn’t receive the package, but that’s not the sellers fault. They sent out another package and still nothing came. The whole time the person was communicating with me and that’s why I think they deserve 5 stars. Their job is to make it and send it , not deliver it to my house.”


“I made a website to check for Karens, and you’re invited to try it out!”

It’s a work in progress – the “about” page goes nowhere, and same with the social media icons on the bottom. But I wanted to share it as soon as possible because I think it can help our community of sellers.”


“I’m leaving Etsy after nearly 6 years, thousands of sales, 3 of the years being a full-time maker.”

“I made the decision to leave about a month ago but was afraid I’d change my mind, so my shop has been on vacation rather than closed.”


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