How to add Google fonts to your store using Fontio

Step 1: Go to Settings, then Apps, then Fontio

Log in your store with the store owner’s account, then go to the Settings  field in the bottom right. In Settings, visit Apps then click on Fontio

Step 2: Select which tags/classes you want to change

To set up your first Font select your first tags

Step 3: Select which font and variant you want

If you have properly selected which tags the page should present you with the option to Select Font and Select Variant. Click Select Font to select the google font you would like and then click Select Variant to add or confirm the variant you want.

When you are ready for the font selection to take effect on the tag you selected, click Save.

Step 4: Review changes on your site

Now, when you have successfully applied a font to a tag it should show up in 2 places:


  1. On the front end of your live site
  2. In your theme editor

NOTE: Fontio will not add fonts to the topography section of your site settings.

Step 5: Relax

You did it! Great Job!

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